Quality Policy

In ALCAST we are commited to satisfy our customer needs manufacturing and delivering die cast pieces in compliance with our requirements, reaching our quality goals with the eficency of the SGC, with the personal development of our people aplying the continuous improvement of our processes.

Quality Goals

  • Reduce non conformity products to 8%.
  • 90% of competence evaluations must be in an aceptable range
  • Execute at least two continuous improvement projects a month
  • Increase sales up to 5% annually
  • On time delivery to customer on 98% of compliance.

Certified to ISO-9001:2015 Quality Management System

ALCAST is dedicated to producing top-quality parts and ensuring we are meeting our customers requirements throughout the entire manufacturing process. With automated equipment, efficient procedures and training personnel, we strive to remain compatitive in the world market. In addition, we have now two locations which allowing us to offer more cost-efficient options.